Partnering With God

May 30, 2017

Steps In Creating Your Partnership

Acknowledge GOD as SOURCE.  God is the source of everything you need.  Relinquish the ego.  Whatever you think you can do, God can do better so why not team up with the BEST?

DO YOU!  Be yourself and express what gives you joy in life.  Be a dancer, a teacher, a rapper, a parent, an executive or a scientist.  God partnerships have no labels.

Ask for guidance.  You can ask God for assistance on any matter you can think of: a business deal, an important exam or a stressful situation.  God is omnipotent and omniscient.  God’s capacity to bless humanity is unlimited.

Take Action.  Take action in the direction you need to move.  Call someone you need to talk to.  Apologize if you hurt someone.  Ask that special person for a date.  Let LOVE be your intention in all that you do and the power of God will work through you.

Have FAITH.  Do what you can do to the BEST of your ability.  Have FAITH and know that God is always on your side.  He is the Master.  Do your best and God will take care of the rest.

Gratitude.  Be grateful not only for the end result of your accomplishment but also for the process that takes you there, for the journey develops you into a better person.

Your partnership with God makes virtually anything you can dream of possible.  You & God Inc.  Co-creator and Creator, you become the instrument by which God demonstrates the masterpiece of the universe.