Say “YES” to Your Dreams

November 18, 2017

I have a couple of friends who have shared with me some things they would like to have or accomplish in their lives.  More recently I have learned they either have given up on their dreams or changed their minds to something that would have an easier pathway.  I respect that because I would want them to have what they feel will work best in their lives.  Nevertheless, I would encourage them to say “yes” and go for the things they really want.

I was watching some motivational videos on YouTube the other day and I saw one speaker say that it is easier to become great now because the vast majority of people are content to be within their comfort zones.  Rare is the individual that dares to be great.  Who are these people?  Federer, Newton, Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Jordan and Srinivasa Namanujan are a few names that come to mind.  Now you may think that these individuals represent a level of genius and greatness I could never attain.  Sadly, you would be correct but not because you do not have the potential.  You would be correct because this is the way you think.  If you think you cannot or you are not good enough, you are correct because you believe this and consequently will not take action that would move you in a more positive direction.  You will be okay though, like everyone else who is content with following the rest of the herd.  Life is “good” until something comes along and rattles your cage.  Now you feel like a victim of circumstances that are beyond your control.  You feel helpless to be able to change anything so you further seek the comfort of those just like yourself.  It becomes a self-perpetuating cycle.  Misery loves company.  People in this group become complainers as if this would solve their problems.  Sorry to say, but being here is choice you make when you choose not to be your BEST and go for your dreams.

Now let’s consider the alternative, when you say “yes” to your dreams.  What is going to happen?  In the short term probably not much or at least it may feel like nothing is happening.  This is where it can become discouraging because progress is slow relative to the size and timeframe of your dream.  Most people give up at this stage.  This is why greatness is so rare.  It is necessary to dig deep within yourself and push forward even if it feels like you have nothing left and you are not gaining anything.  You have to discipline yourself to continue the process.  There is no substitute for hard work.  Small dreams do not require much effort from you but big dreams demand that you bring the BEST in you to bear.

I believe a few of us want to say “yes” to the big dreams of our lives.  The question is how do we integrate this big dream in “ordinary” life?  The accomplishment of big dreams requires hard work and whatever time is necessary.  Everyone’s life is different and how to make this work will differ from person to person.  Nevertheless, the commitment of time and hard work will always be true.  The more time you can dedicate to working on your dreams the faster you will attain them.  If you have other obligations in your life as many of us do, then your time will have to be managed appropriately so that you can meet your obligations and still have some special time to work on your dreams.

It is possible to create big dreams even as part of your routine life.  Think of it this way, greatness is achieved when ordinary people do extraordinary things.  There is greatness within each and every one of us but this does not manifest until we do something extraordinary.  Greatness requires action.  It is the fruit culminating concentrated effort over time.  This means any person who applies this can be great at something.  Your greatness is determined by the accomplishment of your dream.  You do not need fame or notoriety in pursuing your dream.  It is not for the recognition of others; it is for validating that you are truly as good, amazing, intelligent or gifted as you can imagine yourself to be.

Here are some action steps that can help you on your pathway to greatness and manifesting your dreams.  Journal your dream.  Get a notebook and write down your big dream and the present date you have to decided to write down your dream. Whenever you need to document something in your journal, write down the date so it will be easier for you to monitor your progress.   Research.  Find out what is necessary to achieve your dream and write down all this information in your journal.  Do you need special training or more education?  Journal all the details.  Here is a very crucial step.  Set goals.  The accomplishment of any big dream requires steps to get you there.  A goal is the target for the action you  need to take.  It is the target for your hard work and effort.  You can assign goals with different timeframes: annual, monthly, etc.  I believe the most powerful goals you can have are daily goals.  The power with daily goals is that the action required to meet these goals is immediate and has no delay.  If you do not take action on this goal today, you will not meet this goal.  If your dream is truly important to you, you will not hesitate on taking action.  Here is an added benefit.  If you are willing to allocate a little time of your day to do your daily dream related goals, each day of your life you will be getting a little closer to your dream while still meeting the obligations of your “regular” routine.  Repeat the process of daily goals.  Repeat the process of making daily goals and accomplishing them.  If you repeat this process enough times, it will become a habit so that working on your daily goals will be more effortless, almost like the regular routine of your life.  On a daily basis the changes you are making in your life may seem imperceptible but extrapolated over time, the transformation in you will be significant.  In fact, you will not be the same person as when you first formulated your dream and started your path.

I encourage you to take a chance on yourself and say “yes” to your dreams.  The time to decide is now because there is not an unlimited amount of time and you deserve the best that will be forthcoming when you accomplish your dream.  You must concede the fact that it is not going to be easy; it will time and hard work but with courage and persistence, you will see it through.