Does Donald Trump Really Matter?

June 14, 2018

I am sure many would agree Donald Trump is the most controversial president in recent times.  Yet I have to ask the question, “Does Donald Trump have an impact on your life?”  I would agree our president has the ability to enact policies which have an effect on certain aspects of our lives but in terms of the big picture of your life, the answer is no.  If you believe the president of the United States determines the fate of your life, then sadly you have relinquished your power.  You have the power to determine what you are going to have, be or do in your life.  We are responsible for where we are today and if we desire to change where we are, this will be determined by choices we make.  Could it really be that simple?  What if you want to change your life for the better, but you do not have the resources?  I do not have enough money.  I do not have the skills.  I do not have the education.  These things might be true but the turning point comes when you make a choice for something different, something better.

You may be at a point where you need or want to change your life to a place that would give you more happiness and a sense of fulfillment but you do not know where or how to begin.  It could seem hopeless.  I am reminded of Jesus who was imminently going to be crucified.  Pontius Pilate believed he had the fate of Jesus in the palm of his hand.  Nevertheless, despite his pending death, Jesus set the record straight.  The only power Pontius Pilate has comes from God.  The death of Jesus was not the result of any power of Pilate; it was part of God’s master plan as a demonstration of His unfathomable LOVE for humanity.  Could there anything more hopeless than death?  If you feel hopeless and do not know how to jump start your life toward a better path, remember God.
The most important TRUTH in the universe is that God is source.  Nothing and no one has power over you.  All things begin and end with God.  Wherever you are in your life, God has not forgotten you for He knows all things.  Man wants to feel he is control of everything but this is not the case.  Man does not control the source.  Therefore, it is better to look at your life as a partnership between God, the source and provider, and yourself, the creativity and ingenuity that makes life better.  Yes, you are great for YOU are created in the image of God.  Your greatness is demonstrated when you use the power of your mind to best utilize the resources provided by God.

When it comes to your life, you always have choices as to what it will be.  No person, no government and no organization has power over you.  Choose to partner with God whose love is the greatest power in the universe.  You are a child of God and when God is for you, nothing can be against you.  Hold on to a better vision for your life and allow God to help you get there.