How to Have the Best Life Possible

July 13, 2018

Humanity faces so many problems in our world today; is it conceivable that we could have the best possible life?  Here where I live in Los Angeles, homelessness is a problem.  On a global scale climate change as a result of human activity is damaging the delicate balance of the planet’s life support systems.  How do we get control of situations that seem to be taking us as a species in the wrong direction?  Research and science can enlighten us about the facts of any problem but it is only with appropriate action that anything will change for the better.

All of humanity wants to be better in some way.  We want to be smarter, richer, stronger or more of this or more of that.  This is fine; I believe it is healthy to strive and grow to become better versions of ourselves.  Yet sometimes we hurt others for personal gain.  Individuals do this, politicians do this and even governments and countries on our planet do this.  Why does the most “intelligent” species on the planet have such insane behavior?  For all that we want to better ourselves, our behaviors are often self-destructive.  It makes no sense.

We can have a better life and not only a better life, but the best life possible that works for everyone.  A place where everyone is a winner and no one gets left behind.  So where do we begin?  First of all, we have to stop the insanity and change our thinking.  Within humanity, we must purge our thinking of lines of division and segregation.  Therefore there are no Mexican people and Canadian people and Chinese people and white people and black people and rich people and homeless people.  There is only “one” people and this is humanity.  When we hurt others, we hurt ourselves.  When we help others, we help ourselves.  If you want to better yourself in a significant way, make your fellow man better in a way that meets his or her needs.  At my job where I work, there are people of different ethnicities from all over the world.  We are focused on the purpose of our responsibilities and do not even think about how we are different.  Everyone is treated with dignity and respect.  We need to upscale this kind of thinking and attitude to include all members of the human community.  If you want to be number one, be the world’s best lover of all people.

To have the best life possible we as human beings must reconnect with our source.  This source is GOD.  This is the way to have the absolute best of what is possible.  There are those who would argue that there are atheists who live very well, why is God necessary?  To have the best possible life, a deep relationship with God is absolutely essential.  To some this may seem scary because the ego wants to be in control and take credit for our success.  In my book, Success is Within You, I talk about the God man partnership.  When you embrace the God man partnership, your life is spiritual and human simultaneously and this is life at a higher level.  God is the all knowing Intelligence that permeates the entire universe.  There is nothing that is beyond the knowledge of God.  Allow your life to be a partnership with God and you can have confidence in knowing you are taking the best course for your life.  It does not matter who you are or what you do, with God anything can be done.  If you want to be a better mom, employ God as your partner.  If you want to be a better stock broker, employ God as your partner.  If you want to be a better “YOU”, employ God as your personal coach.  God will only guide you to what is best, not only for you, but for all concerned.  For GOD IS LOVE; it has no other nature than itself and love always gives you the best of everything.