Belief in Action

March 31, 2022

The ultimate test of the power of a belief is when you hold something within your mind that you want to be or create which may not be true at the present time. You may even wonder if it is absurd to have a belief that is not true. I have to be honest and say some beliefs that are not true can be negative and used for destructive purposes. For example, the belief that any member of humanity is inferior to any other member of humanity because of differences between them is absolutely not true. This kind of thinking leads to racism, bigotry and in extreme cases even violence or loss of life. Instead, I am referring to beliefs that are positive and life affirming. I believe most people can think of something they want better in their lives. I want to be an airplane pilot or a tennis player. I want to start my own business or I would like a new appliance for the kitchen. The physical manifestation of these things may not be presently true but you can hold them as positive beliefs for yourself. Begin with the belief in yourself that you are worthy and deserving of anything you can create in your imagination. Relinquish any judgment or anything in the past that hinders you in creating a greater good for yourself. I can remember when I was young parents would punish us this way because we had done something bad. Let it all go and move forward in your creation of the better you however you choose to manifest it. The belief in your goal or dream is the seed you plant in the soil of your imagination. Your beliefs can create the things you want just like a lemon seed will produce a lemon tree. It takes time and continuous care. The care that you give your beliefs is the action you take toward their manifestation. The action steps necessary to create the physical form of your beliefs depends on their nature but do whatever is necessary to meet their special requirements. Read books, take courses, train your body or enroll in specialized education; do whatever it takes. Persist and be tenacious even if it seems hard at times. The lemon seed does not say, “I quit.” It ultimately does become a lemon tree as long as there is persistence in the care that is needed. Similarly, your beliefs will lead you to the things you want if you keep them close to your heart, remain true to them and maintain your effort in a consistent way. Keep at it and keep going until you create the results you seek.

It can seem too hard to believe in something you cannot see yet. It takes faith and courage. Theodore Roosevelt said, “Believe you can and you're halfway there.” The other half is the action you are taking on the pathway to your goals. If you think your belief to create something new is too hard, take a moment to think about our brothers in Ukraine literally fighting for their lives because they believe in their right to live in a free country. They are willing to die to defend this right. Very few of us will ever have our beliefs tested in this way. You do however have the right to be the best you can be because your life also depends on it. Believe in yourself.

Michael W. Jackson