The World Deserves You

August 23, 2021

At this time many of us may find ourselves in “management” mode. That is, we go about our daily routines to manage our lives and maintain the status quo of our lifestyles. We seek stability especially now as we are coexisting with a global pandemic. Like the pandemic, circumstances that surround us can make it seem inconceivable to dream of ourselves at a better state than our present existence. It is difficult enough just to manage where we are, how much more effort would be necessary to strive for something much bigger and totally outside of our comfort zones? The truth is, it would require significantly more effort, more time and more resources. Anyway, I am okay for now, so why subject myself to the extra pain and agony?

We must strive to seek and express something much bigger than ourselves because each one of us has a purpose in living. Our life is no accident and we are not here to merely exist. Our lives have meaning and we are endowed with the characteristics of our creator. Human life is indeed precious yet we are inundated with statistics of human death. The numbers make us numb to this tragedy, unless it is expressed graphically in the media or touches us in a personal way. Humanity is more than a collection of numbers and we as individuals should not miss out on the presence of any one of us. The world is a big place and there are many humans living today. It seems impossible that we could know everyone alive but this is not an excuse for you not to make your impact on the world. The world deserves to know YOU and YOU are indeed that special.

Now you may look at yourself and feel you are not special compared to more famous people now or in history. I am not a world class athlete. I am not a famous actor or a well-known politician. True, you may not be like these people but you share something in common. You are human and renowned people are also human. Famous people are not superhuman and “ordinary” people are not subhuman. We are all the same. Puncture any one of us and blood comes out. In order to make your impact on the world, all that is necessary is for you to be yourself. With nearly 8 billion people living now (August 2021), there is no one of us exactly like you. YOU are the only one and the only one that will ever be.

So how do you become world class? Contribution is the answer. Contribute of yourself by expressing yourself. Express and share what makes you unique and not like anyone else. Perhaps you are singer and think you will never be successful because there are many singers more talented than you. Guess what? Pick any singer: Jennifer Hudson, Andrea Bocelli. These singers do not have your voice. God has blessed you with your voice and only you. You need not seek to be “as good” as someone else. Never think this way. It is not necessary to strive to bring yourself to the standard of someone else. You do not have to be as good as someone else because you are already the best you right now. Can you be better than you are right now? Can you be a better version of yourself? Of course you can and love is the answer.

Look within yourself and think about an activity you love. What skill or talent do you love so much, you do it effortlessly? When you are immersed in this activity, do you feel joy? I do not need to be paid for this because I love it so much. The love that is in your heart combined with its contribution to others is a powerful force. When we listen to music, we enjoy different singers even though they are all different. Similarly, the skill or talent you love passionately deserves its place on the world stage because it is different from everyone else’s. We need new writers, artists, athletes, musicians and teachers. We need more people just like you. The world is waiting to experience the best in you.

Michael W. Jackson