Bless Your Way to Success

March 5, 2017

And God said, “Let there be light” and there was light.  As an amateur astronomer I would say, God said, “Let there be light” and there was the Big Bang, a tremendous burst of energy that created the universe.  Each and every one of us as human beings have this same creative power on a smaller scale.  You also create in the physical universe with the power of your spoken words.  Can you image the universe responding to you according to your spoken word?  What would you say, if you thought the universe would manifest in physical form according to the words you are speaking?  Fortunately the manifestation is not instantaneous because I am sure many of us would choose our words more carefully.  Nevertheless, we all have this power but it is probably often used in a negative way.  We self-sabotage ourselves with negative expressions of our beliefs about ourselves.  I am not good enough.  I am not smart enough.  I am not this or I am not that.  Take a moment to think about what you are.  You are a human being that is so unique in the creative universe, there will never be a copy exactly like you for all eternity.  YOU are special and your place in the universe has a purpose.  Your existence is not an accident.  Your purpose is to express yourself fully according to your dreams.  What is your dream?  Speak your dream over your life again and again.  When you speak positively of yourself and your dreams, you are blessing yourself with the very thing you are speaking of.  Bless yourself with your new home or your new car.  Bless yourself with the career you want.  Bless yourself not only with things but bless yourself so your spirit knows that you are capable of creating anything.  It is important to keep this process ongoing.  Continue to bless yourself and speak goodness over your life.  You must so infuse your mind with blessings of all things good, you cannot be “brainwashed” into thinking any other way.  You create your destiny and thereby bless your way to success.